Meditation and Mindfulness courses

Beginner’s Meditation and Mindfulness course – £100

I run a 5 week introduction to meditation course for people who are just starting to explore the whole subject of meditation. The course will give you the foundations to begin and develop your own regular meditation practice. During the course we will explore the many health and wellbeing benefits of regular meditation. We will also discuss some of the common challenges and distractions that you may experience along the way and some helpful strategies to deal with them effectively. This course is unique in that I will introduce you to a variety of different types of meditation, so that you have the opportunity to explore them for yourself and decide which one suits you best. The course is held in a peaceful, relaxing environment and provides a friendly, warm and relaxed environment to learn meditation.

Mindful Preparation for Birth course – £100

I run a 5 week course exploring a variety of mindfulness based approaches, skills and attitudes to prepare for childbirth and the early days with a new baby.


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