Eco-Friendly Shop

Friendly Soaps Price List:

Lavender Soap – £2.10
Lemongrass and Hemp – £2.10
Orange and Grapefruit – £2.10
Tea Tree – £2.10
Shea Butter Facial Bar – £2.60
Cocoa Butter Facial Bar – £2.60
Shampoo Bar – Lavender and Tea Tree – £2.60
Shampoo Bar – Lavender and Geranium – £2.60
Shaving Soap – £2.60
Gift Set – Ethical Woman – £9.00
Gift Set – Ethical Man – £9.00

These lovely soaps are made from natural ingredients with essential oils. They are suitable for vegans (cruelty free) and contain no palm oil or SLS or any other nasty ingredients. They are all eco-friendly, zero waste products that are made and packaged with no plastic packaging. Made in the UK

Organic Sustainable Bamboo Toothbrushes – made by Truthbrush – £4.oo each

Lightweight stainless steel water bottles with a bamboo lid – made by Mintie. 500ml. No plastic is used in the product or in the packaging. BPA free. £12.00

Ecoffee cup made from natural fibres (bamboo), corn starch and resin. The lid is made from food grade silicone. No plastic. No BPA used. Lots of different designs available. There’s now no excuse not to reuse! £8.00

Natural deodorant made by Earth Conscious. Chose from Grapefruit and Lemon or lemon and Rosemary deodorant stick. No nasty ingredients. No parabens. No SLS. No plastic. Suitable for vegans. £6.00


Natural deodorant made by Earth Conscious. In a reusable tin. Lavender and Tea Tree. No nasty ingredients. No parabens. No SLS. No plastic. Suitable for vegans. £6.00

Mutiny shaving razor (includes 5 blades) – made from stainless steel. A great alternative to plastic disposable razors  – £12.50

Body Loofah made from natural plant fibres – a plastic free alternative to sponges. £2.80 

Loofah cleaning pads – a plastic free alternative to plastic and sponge washing pads. £2.90 


I provide a refill station for customers in / around Bury St Edmunds and Newmarket (you provide a container and refill what you need) :

Faith in Nature Lavender and Geranium shampoo – 100ml = £1.25

Faith in Nature Rosemary Shampoo – 100ml =£1.25

Faith in Nature Jojoba conditioner – 100ml = £1.25

Ecoleaf washing powder – 100g = £0.40

Ecoleaf laundry liquid – 100ml = £0.30

Ecoleaf fabric conditioner – 100ml = £0.20

Ecoleaf washing up liquid – 100ml = £0.30


Kidney beans (dried) – £4.00 per kg

Chick peas (dried) – £2.00 per kg

Porridge oats £1.50 per kg


If you would like to order please contact me via email ( or by phone (07946515757)