Antenatal Preparation for Birth

I provide one to one, individually tailored preparation for labour and birth sessions that enable women / couples to confidently prepare for labour, birth and the early days with a new baby. The sessions can be held in the comfort of your own home or online via zoom at any stage of your pregnancy. My whole approach is to focus on you as an individual and support you to gain the information and skills that you need in order for you to make informed choices. I have always had an interest in supporting women to make informed choices and have a positive birth experience. The sessions last 1 – 2 hours and the content is flexible, according to what you feel you need to learn. Individual sessions are 1 hour and cost £40.

The topics we can cover might include the following:

  • Debrief and discussion about any previous experiences that you have had during labour and birth in the past. We all need to be listened to and cared for.
  • Discussion about your options with regard to where to give birth to your baby, including the benefits and disadvantages of each option.
  • A discussion about the physiological process of normal labour and birth – what is happening in your body during the rhythms of natural labour.
  • How to recognise the signs of labour and when to go into hospital or ask the Midwife to come to your home if you are planning a home birth.
  • What to take with you to hospital. What to get ready if you are planning for a home birth.
  • Self help strategies and approaches during the early stages of labour.
  • How your birth partner, if present, can best support you during your labour.
  • Strategies to help birth partners recognise and manage stress that they may experience during your labour and birth.
  • Comfort measures, practical skills and strategies to help you manage labour and birth without the use of pain relief medications.
  • Discussion about the hormones of natural labour and birth.
  • A discussion about what pain relief medications are available during labour and birth including their effects and side effects.
  • What happens if help is needed during labour – ventouse, forceps and caesarean section.
  • A discussion about the birth of your placenta including physiological management or active management of this process, including the advantages and disadvantages of both approaches.
  • Meeting your baby for the first time, including information about the microbiome, skin to skin contact, breast feeding and your options regarding the administration of Vitamin K.
  • Developing a birth preferences / birth plan for use during your labour.